Thousands of Brits baffled as they receive Burger King receipt but never placed an order

Thousands of Burger King customers were baffled when they received emails with a blank receipt from the fast food giant, despite not making an order.

People woke up to find the mystery email at around 5.15am today.

Although the receipt features no food items or a price to pay it read: “Your order will be ready to be picked up at Burger King.

“While you’re waiting for your food, let us know how you liked ordering online. It’ll help us make the experience even better.”

Fearing their accounts had been hacked, people flocked to check their online balance to find no money had been taken and the electronic missive had been sent by mistake.

The chain has launched an internal investigation to discover what caused the overnight error.

One unhappy person said: “Not happy with getting this email this morning.

“You had me panicking thinking someone got into my account and got my card details. I had to go all charge all my passwords.

“I also checked my online banking app to see if any money was taken out but none was taken out.”

Another asked: “Why did you send me a blank receipt in the middle of the night?

“You charging for dreams about Whoppers now?”

Another said: “I just got this blank burger king receipt in my email, is this how a horror movie starts?”

One more joked: “Can’t wait for my mysterious late night ghost order? (I didn’t order anything).”

The mistake was blamed on an “internal processing error”.

Burger King has been approached for comment.

Last month a mum claimed her teenage daughter was left ‘traumatised’ after allegedly finding a half-smoked cigarette in their Burger King chicken fries .

Jenn Holifield says she treated herself and daughter Blaze, 14, to a bag of nine chicken fries each and some jalapeno poppers from the Meridian, Mississippi, in the USA.

The pair had started tucking into their meal on the four-minute drive home and claim that after she’d already scoffed six of the fries, they found a half-smoked menthol cigarette in the bag.

Salon owner Jenn says she used to treat Blaze, son Dalton, 20, and daughter, Jenna, 13, to Burger King once a week with Blaze always getting the same order, but has now vowed to never go back.

Burger King said that the incident “does not reflect [their] very high standards” and they had reached out to the franchisee to “learn more and take necessary action to correct this issue”.